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Rich harmonies, dazzling folk fusion
— Time Out
Beautiful slip-sliding harmonies
— Froots

We are suntrap


Suntrap are a 4 piece folk-inspired group with beautiful entrancing vocal harmonies on original, contemporary and traditional songs.

Suntrap are Sara Byers, Mary Wilson, John Sandall and Sue Graves.

A new, their 5th CD, Northern Lights, will be released in September 2019.

Sara and Mary began singing together after meeting at Cecil Sharp House in 1996. The following year they made their first demo at Dave Pegg's Woodwork Studios and Suntrap have gone on to make four highly regarded CDs, the most recent of these released on Fellside Recordings. Sue, known as the ‘Surrey Nightingale’ is a stunning addition to Suntrap’s powerful vocal harmony sound. John, a virtuosic, irrepressible fiddler completes the quartet.

Suntrap have played all over the UK and Europe at major folk festivals, folk clubs and art centres. The band have been privileged to open Cambridge and Warwick Folk Festivals.


Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Banjo, Whistle / Sara Byers
Vocals, Violin, Mandolin, / Mary Wilson
Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele / Sue Graves
Violin, Viola / John Sandall


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by Suntrap


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Northern Lights

The band’s fifth CD, Northern Lights, due to be released 22 September 2019, captures as live a sound as possible and will be the first recording featuring Sue and John. After completing a sound engineering course, Mary was keen to learn how to recreate the band's live sound by recording in the round, using a forest of microphones rather than layering up the songs in a studio: “… like capturing a sea of butterfly wings beating in time in a sound jar!” says Mary.

Songs on the album

Northern Lights, the title track written by Mary, pays homage to the Northern Lights we may never see but that we set our hearts upon as we search the mystical sky or pine for elusive love.  

Night Flying, written by Sara, manifests the pain and passion of a hidden love affair.

Sea Fever, a poem by John Masefield set to a tune by Mary, is dedicated to those who are land-locked but dream of the sea. The rhythm of the music echoing the fall and rise of waves, is spliced with John’s tune: Beyond the Tide - a haunting piece dedicated to those who travel beyond the horizon.

Michaelmas, written by Sara, showcases the band’s melodic harmonies and folklore lyrics.

Riding High by Mary is a haunting catchy song featuring the band’s velvety harmonies and powerful lyrics inspiring us all to be bold.

Reeling and Peacock Skirt by Sara, snare the listener with sensual visual imagery into sweet, harmony-laden landscapes.


The album is enriched by the band’s covers of classic songs: Bob Dylan’s Make you feel my love, Joni Mitchell’s Carey and Lennon/McCartney’s Here, There and Everywhere, Sue’s favourite Beatles song. Midwinter Toast, taken from Thea Gilmore's Christmas album, Strange Communion. Heart Like a Wheel (Kate and Anna McGarrigle) is a beautiful melancholy evocation of loss. Bessie Bell, a bleakly powerful traditional song from Scotland, has two women attempting to flee the plague but catching their death from a suitor who was in love with them both.


We hope that the live feel of Northern Lights will charm, mesmerise and excite you and that you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy playing. We look forward to meeting you at a gig near you soon.

For more information including press copies and interviews contact: Mary Wilson; 07758385625